Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you make the bombs so big? We make them baseball size (9 oz) because we really want them to soften your skin. Our bombs are intended to be at home spa treatments and for those of us lucky enough to have experienced a mineral bath at a spa 9 oz is about what it takes to soften, clean and moisturize your skin. Try one and you will see how silky soft you feel.

Which bombs are the best for men? Men love these bombs just as much as women have several "manly" flavors.....Serendipity(sandalwood, jasmine and orange) Atlantis (seaweed extracts, coconut, lemongrass and rock salt), Breathe Easy (Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Sage, Cedarwood and Rosemary),
Pom Bomb
(pomegranate and green tea), Jessie Ginger (ginger lemongrass) and Aslan (geranium, grapefruit and teatree).

I have very dry skin. Which bomb is best for me? All our bombs are great for dry skin. However, Venus is our dry skin ball. It contains sweet almond oil which is fantastic for dry skin, soothing aloe and a rich drizzle of raw cocoa butter. Tie your hair up...this is our most buttery bomb! Also try Mumtaz which is dipped in luscious mango butter. Clean your tub immediately after use!

Does the color stain the tub/towels? Not that we have encountered! It is all water-based, edible and tub friendly.

Which are your most popular bombs? Cleo's Secret, Utopia and our seasonal guest bombs are are usually at the top. Happy-go-lucky (lavender, chamomile and orange)is always a perfect choice. Jamie Ginger (lemongrass and white ginger), Venus (cocoa butter and sweet almond) and The Elizabeth (rose and gardenia) are steady pleasers....

Is sodium bicarbonate good for my skin? Our bombs are packed with bicarb for a reason! It is an extremely gentle cleanser...much more gentle than soap. It also acts as a water softener which helps prevent the drying effect that hard water has on our skin. So...the answer is YES, baking soda is good for your skin.

How do essential oils work? It is a vast subject. But click here and check out our simple explanation for newcomers to aromatherapy. We are not trying to replace medical advice...just a little history of essentials.

What are Fragrance oils? Some fragrances are very expensive (for example, jasmine) or can not be obtained as an essential oil ( for example, vanilla or honey). The fragrance oils we use are prepared from the food flavor and fragrance compounds. The carrier is fractionated coconut oil. This very light oil helps heavier oils sink into the skin. The result is ..great smell, affordable and soft skin!

I am pregnant. Are these bombs safe to use? There are certainly several essentials that you should stay away from. Check out our essential do's and don'ts for pregnancy. You should certainly do your own research and consult your doctor before using essentials in any quantity.

I have sensitive skin. Are these products OK? Well, they are sodium bicarb based which neutralizes any acidity to the bath water that may irritate your skin. While we believe they are just fine for sensitive skin (we have been bathing our babies in bath bombs everyday from 12 months on) we recommend that you consult your dermatologist.

Are your fizzy shower scrubs just good for one shower? We designed them to be a one time use. However, many customers say that they scrub and then let the bar dry and get 2 or 3 lovely showers out of each.

How long do your soaps last? A really long time. Be sure to allow them to dry between uses. Our soaps are huge and allowed to cure for 6 weeks and then packaged in breathable muslin bags allowing for further hardening. Our soaps are the best!